Korrik Stran

Half-Elf Ranger


Level: 1 HP: 11 AC: 14 (Leather Armor) Alignment: Chaotic Good

Melee Attack: Dual Shortswords Ranged Attack: Longbow
Abilities: Str. 14, Dex. 16, Con. 12, Int. 10, Wis. 13, Cha. 12
Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Insight, Nature, Perception, Stealth, Survival
Tool Set: Leatherworking


Background: Folk Hero
Personality Trait: I judge people by there actions, not there words.
Ideals: Freedom, No one should be oppressed.
Bonds: I protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Bio: Born to the poor elf Adriel, Korrik grew up as a peasant among the elves. Having never met his human father, A knight named Arym Pethy, Korrik holds strong preference towards honor and self soficiency. At a young age Korrik’s village came under attack by a slew of human bandits led by Bourin the Scar. After the town was nearly completely ransacked the boy Korrik stepped forth with his bow and let loose a single arrow which pierced directly through Bourin’s right eye, leaving him an eye lighter but very much alive. Chaos ensued and the elven villagers succeeded in chasing off the bandit horde. Seeing potential in her son, Adriel sent Korrik to train with the Knives of Caford, where he has learned the ways of the ranger and become a man of the watch.

Korrik Stran

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