Merric Downcopper

Halfing Thief


Level 1
HP: 9|HD: 1
AC: 15 = 10 + 2 [studded leather] + 3 [dexterity]
Melee Attack: Dagger 1d4+3 (5 to hit) Short Sword 1d63 (+5 to hit)

Ranged Attack: Short Bow 1d6+3 (+5 to hit)

Alignment: CN
Abilities: Str: 10|Dex: 17|Con: 12|Int: 12|Wis: 14|Cha: 11
Prof Bonus: +2|Saving Thows: Dex & Intel
Skills:Acrobatics, Deception, Investigation, Perception, Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Gaming Tools: Thieves’ tools, Dice


Background: Criminal
Personality Traits: I think I should have a bigger cut
Ideal(s): I’ll have a bigger cut, I have to pay the rent some how.
Bond(s): Its easier to watch your back than have to find a new a group to to find my wealth with.

Merric arrived in the north, wanting to not be in the south. Along the long sea journey he met a fellow traveler, Nicco, a half elf bard, that that filled the long days of the sea ward journey with tales of adventure and song.

Merric, on the other hand, mainly played cards with the sailors, and continued the delicate balance of wining sailor’s earnings before loosing back to them before the night was out.

Upon arriving in {insert city name here} where Merric lost himself in the city for seaveral days before meeting back up with Nicco and agreeing to accompanying to me a local folk hero. Looking over his shoulder as he left the city headed out into the country side beyond.

Merric Downcopper

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