Rayal Midara the Unworthy Scourge


Large minotaur with dark red hair, going grey around the ears and muzzle, body covered in faded tribal tattoos and battle wounds, heavily scarred around ears and nose with lots of small ragged scars. Wears heavy gold bracers, greaves, circlet and necklace w/ the rising sun.

was legendary in his youth as a tyrannical pirate king, laying waste to the southern isles, the bards still sign of the terror he instilled in the populace. Is a charismatic leader and excellent tactician – took command of his first vessel at the age of only 15, commanded a fleet by his 20th year. His deprivations threatened to undo all the progress the southern lands had made since the Fog ended.

Was finally captured in his 35th year, bringing an end to his reign of terror, and sentenced to a gruesome public execution. Then The Lantern chose him.

The Lantern’s choice of him as a Watcher was so shocking and so controversial it caused a minor uproar in the church. Many nobles publicly declared they did not give two shits (in so many words) what Her Radiance wanted – they wanted the knives put to this horned beast. As is usually the case, though, tradition prevailed over passion, and Raya was spared death and admitted to the Watchers.

Since then, Raya has been the most fanatical of The Lantern’s followers.

old Nicknames: The Salt Devil, Drowner of Men, Maker of Widows, Eater of Children, the Horned Kraken, Waster of the Lavender Cities, the Demon’s Demon, Scourge of all the Gods Hold Sacred

New Nicknames: The Unworthy Scourge, Slayer of the Demon Prince Aspalaur, Defeater of Zaros, High Nightmaster of the Lurker in the Void, He who brought light to the darkness beneath Stillforge, friend of Zereleth the Golden


Rayal Midara the Unworthy Scourge

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