Frater Kriger

Human War Cleric


Level 2
HP: 16|HD: 2
AC: 16 [Chain Mail]
Melee Attack: Glaive ATKB: +2 (Prof) + 2 (Str) = 4 | Dmg/Type: 1d10/S

Alignment: NG
Abilities: Str: 14|Dex: 10|Con: 14|Int: 10|Wis: 16|Cha: 10
Prof Bonus: +2|Saving Thows: Wisdom & Charisma
Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Insight, Medicine, Perception
Gaming Tools: Chess|Proficiency with Land Vehicles
Feat: Pole Arm Master


Background: Soldier (Field Medic)
Personality Trait: “I can stare down a Hell Hound without flinching.”
Ideals: “Never leave a man behind.”
Bonds: “Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.”

Session 1 Days 1-3
Traveling preacher for the Order of the Pike and anointed cleric of the Temple of Armed Conflict.

Kriger doesn’t stand on protocol the way the other’s of his church do, often foregoing his religious title in order to elicit more open and honest dialogue with the people he ministers to. This doesn’t go unnoticed by other, more traditional, members of the Order. Which is part of why he was sent to minister to rural villages, away from his detractors.

Recently he joined a group of travelers who were following one of the rangers from the mountains. A local folk hero, Korrik Stran. While the two had never traveled together before, they had a passing acquaintance. They were joined by a group of foreigners: the elf, Journ, a recent recruit to the local militia Journ; the city-born halfling, Merric; and the traveling bard half-elf, Nicco.

On their journey to the village of Reaford’s Rill the group came across a pair of shepherds being harassed by a goblin raiding band. Not too unusual on the face of things. What was odd, was the goblins weren’t after the sheep, but rather the shepherds!

After a short skirmish with the goblins and their half-tamed wolves, the group helped the shepherds and escorted them home. Which led to the discovery of an abandoned flock in the pass, and signs of a struggle. After confirming the identity of the abandoned flock’s owner, the group has decided it might be best to investigate further.

Kriger has is worried that these goblins are steeling men for something far more sinister than simple slave labor. More importantly… why leave the sheep? There’s good eating on a sheep!

Session 2: Days 3-4
After reaching Reaford’s Rill Kriger went to speak with the missing shepherd’s friend while the rest of the group went to speak with the boy’s mother. It took some convincing, but [Boy’s Name] finally agreed to bring them to where his friend had “found his treasure.”

The hike to the treasure site wasn’t difficult, but they didn’t reach it until after sunset. The first thing they noticed was a trail of blood and boots leading away from a hole in an expanse of marble. The ranger, Korrik, attempted to follow the trail, but the damp grass and dark quickly hid the trail from his keen senses.

The trail lost, the group decided to descend into the pit that [Boy’s Name] said his friend had found gold, and from which the bloody trail came. The cave turned out to be the antechamber of a temple which appeared to be dedicated to The Traveler. It must have been buried by some natural disaster centuries ago.

They followed the booted prints which led down one of the passages. In addition to the ravages of time, they could also see the destruction wrought by those who had come before. That was when they found the blood. So much blood…

Following the now bloody boot prints and a new set of larger, barefooted humanoid prints, the group finally discovered what had happened. The goblins had come here, and freed an ancient and hungry evil. They had found ghouls.

The ghouls had pursued the goblins and the two groups had clashed a number of times, before those that had left the blood trail on the surface got away… by being faster than their compatriots.

The fight between Kriger, his companions, and the ghouls was brutal, if short. Kriger did what he could to protect his companions and destroy these abominations for all time. Korrick fell before Kriger was able to give one of the devils its final rest.

He and the others stood toe-to-toe with the flesh-hungry monsters, when an unlucky poisonous blow paralyzed Kriger. Thankfully, his hardy companions were able to destroy the remaining undead before either he or Korrick died of their wounds. Luckily, nothing more dangerous than a giant centipede was left in the rest of the accessible temple.

With dawn breaking in the world above, the companions decided to make camp in the temple of the Traveler.

Session 3: Day 4

The group sent the boy home and decided to find the goblins who had survived their encounter with the ghouls.

The ranger, Korrick, tracked the goblins to a ruined tower which used to guard the pass through the mountains to the coast. He was spotted by the goblin’s watchers while trying to scout the tower, who followed him back to the camp. While he and the halfling went out to watch the tower, Journ heard movement in the bushes near the camp.

He woke Kriger and they quietly prepared for an ambush. That’s when the screaming started at the tower. The goblins began to attack, but were quickly routed when Korrick and Merric came racing back to the group. Nicco used his trickster magic to further startle the goblins, who were quickly cut down by the party, preventing them from warning their friends.

This advantage was quickly lost as the halfling and ranger set out into the night to scale the walls before any real plan of action could be discussed. Kriger, fearing that they might be overwhelmed before the rest of the party could back them up, strode forth boldly to draw the attention of the watchers. In retrospect this wasn’t the best plan he’d come up with, but he felt it was important to protect his companions. Which it turned out needed to protect him instead.

The battle was intense, the goblin leader, backed by archers put Kriger down once. Luckily Nicco was close enough at hand to heal him, causing the brute to call upon his owlbear stead to carry him to safety. The group made quick work of the remaining goblins, and found the shepherd boy they had been searching for. His screams were the ones they had heard, the flesh stripped from his arms, barely alive.

Session 4 Days 4-19

The party healed the boy and took him home to Rayford’s Rill where the boy accepted the mission to deliver three letters to the rangers, Talons, and the Order of the Pike.

They hiked back to the mountains and tracked the Flincer and his owlbear into the mountains off of the main road. It turned out to be a misdirect into an ambush. the Flincer had taken one of the shepherd hostages as a lure to entrap them. Kriger was foolish enough to fall for the trap, triggering a large log to crash into him, Nicco, and Journ. He was able to protect the shepherd from the log, but at the cost of his own body.

Standing up from the wreckage of the trap, Kriger spotted the Flincer and unleashed the furry of his god upon the goblin and his pet. Kriger and Nicco cared for the shepherd and gathered information about the priest of the Flayed god who had brought the goblins to the valley.

Questioning the Flincer, the group found out about Guyse, the priest of the god of pain and his connection to Shadewater. Krieger and Korrick are worried about the priest’s interest in ruins in the mountains south-east of the valley as well as Cowald’s Bridge.

It took eight days of travel by horse from Bayford to Cowald’s Bridge. Eight cold and damp days. Cowald’s Bridge is a small town of line fishermen. Korrick and Kriger take the group to see Thinri, the town elder to learn what they can.

The center of the bridge has two large statues as symbols of the Traveler, same as the golden coins they found in the ancient ruins. They also learned at Aims, a fellow ranger, had come into the town recently.

Thinri also tells a story of Lizardmen and Halflings which had a skirmish over the lands in the surrounding swamps and the history of the the bridge; which has stood longer than the empire had ruled the land. Most of the ruins discovered so far were south of the bridge. Thinli also points out the area where the lizardmen had been living previously. Other than one very sharp knife the only other things of note which have come out of the swamp are pots and stories.

Nicco threw an impromptu concert which was well revived by the locals.

Korrick learns of stories of dark ships seen off shore north east cost of the Moose Fins delta. Merric comes back with a roughly sketched map of the area. And Journ learns of the history of the region as it is known by the locals.

After saving Journ from an ill advised attempt to dive in the river under the bridge, the group take a boat out into the swamp to explore the ruins of the ancient city.

Frater Kriger

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