Daerthylion's Hurt

First Campaign Arc

Spring, the 400th Year of the Glorious Reign of Empress Chagay.

•Nicco is eager to collect tales of bravery and heroics to inspire his songs. The Waicotte Invasion of thirty years previous seems ripe for such stories, and few if any bards have taken the time to collect the deeds. Additionally, Nicco has heard tales of a young local folk hero named Korrick and plans to shadow him on his patrol. Merrick, having reasons of his own to leave Shadewater for a while, tags along. The two sail north from Shadewater towards Daerthylion’s Hurt.

•Korrick, a ranger and member of The Knives of Caeford sets out on his patrol through the Hurt. While patrolling he keeps his eyes peeled for signs of enemy or monstrous incursion into the valley, especially his two arch enemies – goblins and the bandit Symas Potte, from whom he earlier took an eye.

•Journ has finally recovered from the wounds suffered when the house of his order, Falling Cloud Monastery, was razed by hellish fire. All but Journ were slain, who escaped the devastation as he slept off an extreme fever in the basement of the monastery.

•Frater Kriger, priest of The Old Man, has been making his rounds through the valley, ministering to veterans and advising the local military order Grinak’s Talons on tactical matters.

•Muzga Grell-eater, an orcish cleric of The Guardian and member of Grinak’s Talons has been aiding Journ’s recovery and introduces him to Kriger. Journ wants to learn more about the tactics and fighting techniques of soldiers like the Talons, and joins Kriger who agrees to provide him training.

Early Autumn, the 400th Year of the Glorious Reign of Empress Chagay.

•Korrick’s journey has taken him along the northern wall of the valley, to the edges of the Moosefens, and back down through the valley. A few days south of the town of Haihm Nicco and Merrick catch up to Kerrick. The three join up and travel together on to the town of Bafeld.

•In Bafeld the three meet Kriger and Journ. Kerrick is familiar with Kriger, the two often encountering each other on their paths through the Hurt. Tannalye, the head spinster and townspeaker, informs the party that no news has been heard from the small thorp to the southwest, Raeford’s Rill.

•Some drinks are had, some wine purloined, and some women at the spinshop were romanced. The party learns that Aelfreph’s beer at The Dancing Shepherd is every bit as terrible as the rumors claim, and head out in the morning with a sharp headache in the direction of Raeford’s Rill.

•The terrible weather tries to dampen the party’s spirits, but they persevere on. A few days out they encounter two shepherds under attack from a group of goblins and wolves. While goblins in the region typically try to steal a sheep or two and escape with no trouble, these goblins strangely seem to be quite intent on capturing the shepherds alive.

•The party fights off the goblins, saving the shepherds, and agrees to accompany them on to Raeford’s Rill, from whence they hail.

•Along the way the party finds a wandering flock, shepherdless. From the notches on the sheep’s ears they appear to belong to a local youth named Rainald. The party finds a slain sheep dog, a busted lute, but no sign of the youth. They continue onward towards the settlement.

•The party reaches Raeford’s Rill – a small settlement of a hundred or so shepherds built in a thick forest nestled in a small steep walled canyon. In the Rill the party learns that Rainald was a bit of a flighty lad, and had bought the lute the previous spring from some wandering merchants, using “treasure” that he had found for the purchase. The lute was his prize possession because he planned on becoming a wandering minstrel.

•Nicco bangs a widow.

•The party convinces Rainald’s young friend Suld to show them where Rainald found the treasure. Suld takes them to some buried ruins, fabulous in construction, that appear to be an ancient temple to teh god of travel. The party explore the temple, fights some ghouls, and realizes that a group of goblins had beaten them there by just half a day and tangled with the same ghouls. The party finds gold coins of amazing intricacy, the detail of the minting going far beyond anything believed possible, in a few places in the temple, such as in the purses of ancient corpses or in the offering bowl. The party also finds a large round table, with a bas-relief map of the region carved into its surface. The map shows four cities, Shadewater, Ellorion (the mountain city of the elves), some unnamed but well known ruins at the mouth of the Moosefens, and an unknown city high in the mountains to the southeast

•Journ leaves an offering for the god of travel.

•The party rests, then follows the trail left by the goblins, which looks to lead to a local ruined castle, Brindol’s Keep.

•After hearing horrific screams of pain coming from inside the keep, the party attacks! They start to get their asses handed to them, but somehow, through luck and some well placed spells, some balls and tactics, they manage to slay most of the goblins and chase off their leader

•Inside they find Rainald, horribly maimed from being skinned alive from the elbows down, and the bodies of two other shepherds, tortured to death. The party learns the goblins had been working for a maimed human priest, and had been trying to locate the source of Rainald’s treasure.

•The party finds lots of high quality supplies, much better than a goblin raiding party would typically be equipped with, and evidence the goblins hail from teh coastal region on the other side of the mountains.

•The party takes a goblin prisoner with them, to help scout and as a trap detector.

•The party learns the goblins were hired by a goblin ranger known as The Flencer, and a human priest of The Flaymaster named Guise, who the goblin explains was horribly maimed

•The party alerts the local military order, Grinak’s Talons, of the goblin incursion, skillfully crafts a story for Rainald to save him face and make him look heroic, then takes off after the priest and Flencer.

•The Flencer leads the party on a wild goose chase all over the place.

•The party finally catches up to him. His trap almost kills a farmer he has taken as prisoner, but Kriger heroically jumps in front of it, saving the farmer, then they proceed to capture the Flencer.

•During interrogation, he reveals that the human priest is named Guise, that they are both worshippers of The Flaymaster, but the priest has abandoned the true worship of The Flaymaster. He also explains that Guise was very excited by his discovery of the map.

•Kerrick executes The Flencer.

•The party takes their goblin prisoner to Bafeld, the nearest town, along with a wounded shepherd they rescued from The Flencer. They convince Aelfreph the inkeeper to take the goblin on as a servant and prisoner, rather than executing him. Merrick drives a surprisingly hard bargain.

•The party heads on north towards the moosefens and the sunken city shown on the map.

Late Autumn, the 400th Year of the Glorious Reign of Empress Chagay.

•It begins to snow

•The party mostly fruitlessly asks questions at Cawold’s Bridge (the town by the sunken ruins). Journ goes for a swim, a boat is swept downstream, Nicco gives an impressive musical performance, makes some coppers, then bangs a tavern girl

•The party heads into the swamp, the snow gently continues to fall. They head in the direction where The Scarred Lions had dug up part of the ruins and made their last stand. There, they find magical fountains still flowing with warm water, exquisitely carved statues, and an infection in the local flora that causes trees to ooze blood and pus and smell of carrion. Inside the ruins they encounter blights, and kill blights. A handaxe and a whip are discovered, the tree where The Scarred Lions had executed their prisoners has come to life and is evil, so the party burns it to the ground.

•The party journeys under the ruins into the ancient sewers, they find a wandering hobgoblin, advanced in age, horrifically maimed from what appears to be years of torture, insane, capable only of mumbling prayers to The Eternal Lantern and speaking of “the fear”, he claims his name is Gublub

•Using the whip he found in the ruins, Journ has Gublub take him to “the fear” – the entrance to a cave connected to the sewers

•inside the cave the party encounters a cult dedicated to The King of Nightmares. The party fights the cult off; most of the members flee but the party slays the leader and rescues a young child named Esmerelda and two young elven nobles

•The party learns that Gublub was one of the cult’s prisoners

•The party leaves the sewers and meets Sabbazu, an indigo fairy dragon, and two other young elven nobles. The party realizes the elves are tagging along with Sabbazu getting high on his euphoric breathweapon, and should probably be escorted home

•The party, Gublub, Sabbazu, and the elven nobles sail down the river intent on catching a boat.

Early Winter, the 400th Year of the Glorious Reign of Empress Chagay.

•The party has heard rumors of a “black ship” near the river entrance where the former city of Magdara sat. The party searches for signs of this ship. Along the way they spot signs of it, and upon investigating meet a group of holy warriors from the Midnight Watch, led by the legendary pirate-turned-paladin minotaur Rayal Midara. Rayal says the ship has been parked there waiting on the prophesied arrival of “the chosen one – the one who has lived many years in darkness with only the name of the eternal lantern upon his lips.” The “chosen one” turns out to be Gublub. The Watch’s high priestess performs a ceremony of stunning power that fully restores Gublub to health and sanity. Gublub tells his story of his sin as high captain of the Scarred Lions, torture at the hands of cult in the ruins, and subsequent salvation granted by the blessed Eternal Lantern.

•The Watchers say they have been waiting on the chosen one before travelling on north, that the prophesy told of a great evil in the north. They had searched for it initially in Shadewater, but it appears that whatever it was has moved further north.

•as a way to say thanks, The Midnight Watch helps the party out by giving them passage on their ship first to the forest of the rescued elven teens, where the party is rewarded with gifts of incense, and then on to Shadewater

•in Shadewater the Watchers as Kriger to accompany them on their trip northward – they could use his tactical insight, and he could use the repentance service with them brings – he joins and leaves the party


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