Crew of the Bard's Mistress

*The Captain:
Captain Gnoll / Yerrrrt (gnoll male young adult) – born on a ship in the far south, Yerrrt has rarely set foot on land for more than a night at a time, became a merchant/sailor for his previous master (Derrormurrin) until the party took the ship. By rules of the sea he now follows the party (especially since his chance of escaping Derrormurrin’s wrath is far better with the party than without). A young gnoll, but quick witted and merciful (for a gnoll) and with a surprising amount of charisma. He knows sailing better than most men know how to take a piss, and the other sailors don’t begrudge his leadership.

*Quarter Master:
Hekalan – (gnome male middle aged) – Hekalan was born to count. His fingers are always fussing with something, and he has an eerie memory for the tiniest of details. The other crew claims that he can remember every gull that’s ever shit on any boat he’s ever been on. He has a quick mouth and a quick temper to match his fiery red hair, and a nose that’s been broken more than once, and scars around his lips that show he’s not always the best at keeping his mouth shut. Despite his statute he functions as the primary disciplinarian for the ship, and is considered strict but fair, and his decisions are never challenged.

*Sailing Master (navigator):
Aoni – (elven female indeterminate age) – Aoni was a sea elf from a tribe far to the north, where the great glacier breaks into the sea. Her tribe survived by journeying back and forth along the coast, from the frozen north south to the shores of the Nimmensea (Empress Chagay’s region). One day several decades back, her tribe encountered a great dragon turtle. While they fought valiantly and slew the beast, Aoni lost her legs and left hand when the turtle bit her kayak in two. No longer able to keep up with her tribe, and unwilling to be a burden to them, she left for the “civilized” lands of the nearby Spreythorne isles. Her knowledge of every rock, cove, and shoal along the coast for 1,000 miles north and south found her easy work as a navigator, working for various merchant ships travelling from Shadewater to Nimmensea and back. During the previous winter she stayed in Shadewater waiting on the spring, and in the interim met and fell in love with Yerrrrt while he was hiding in the city. When Bel approached him about captaining the ship, Aoni was quick to join on as his sailing master and navigator. Aoni has slate-blue hair, unlined pale golden skin. She wears seal skin shorts with the ends over her stumps sewn over with hardened leather for when she needs to get around, and has an S-shaped hook where her left hand once was (she uses the S-shape to coil through the rigging ropes when she wants to hang on while using her other hand, or when she’s hauling herself up in her winch-seat). She spends most of her time, when not in Yerrrrt’s quarters, in the crows nest keeping a lookout.

*Boatswaine & Carpenter:
Torgavor – (dwarf male middle aged) – woke up one day as a young lad, and felt incredibly claustrophobic. Realized he could never live the normal life of a dwarf, spending centuries underground in one small mine or town, and so he set out and became a ship builder, then eventually a sailor and ship’s carpenter. Middle aged, lean for a dwarf, with almost blonde hair from the sun and salt, and a very short close trimmed beard. When not working he is frequently fishing or reading

*Ship’s Cleric and Healer:
Eldra – (human female late middle aged) – Eldra was one of the pirates of Myststone, but was one of the wise ones to take the offered pardon early in Aermund’s campaign on the isle. As penance, she served five years labor at a coastal monastery dedicated to The Mother of the Elements (N goddess of the elements). During her labor she was recognized as showing great promise and as having been touched by the Mother herself. When her penance was concluded she was formally inducted into the Assembly of the Four Corners as a keeper. The elements that called her most though were water and wind, and so after two further years of study at the monastery she headed south to Shadewater to seek a ship to take her on. She is in her early 50s, very tall for a woman and whip thin, with bright grey eyes and wild grey hair, always stiff with salt.

*Able Bodied Sailors:

*The human whalers
•Rothad – male human, whaler from Beathorne, mid 20s, large with dark hair
•Honach – female human, Rothad’s wife, whaler from Beathorne, mid 20s, also large with dark hair (the crew sometimes jokes they’re brothers and sisters, but only when Honach isn’t around)
•Gierd – male half orc, whaler from Beathorne and companion of Rothad and Honach (not that kind of companion), early 20s, a bit slow so Rothad and Honach look out for him but he’s very skilled at his jobs, large with red hair

*The halfling fishermen
•Oakroot – local halfling fisherman – late middle aged, skilled at carpentry and assists Torgavor
•Acorn – Oakroot’s daughter
•Dolin – younger male halfling

*Reformed Myststone Pirates
•Enach – human male mid 20s
•GHakal – half orc female middle age
•Geird – half elf female early middle age
•Isira – half elf female late middle aged

*Gnoll Sailors

*Local Sea Elves

Crew of the Bard's Mistress

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