Game Mastering Credo

Well damn if this page didn’t just refresh itself and erase what I’d written…

Anyway, I read this article by The Angry DM the other day, and decided I should write up my own GM credo. So, here it is. I really welcome any feedback on it, either what you think about the (credos?) themselves, or whether or not you think my game reflects these ideals:

1. The monster manual contains suggestions, not rules. If I want the characters to be in the dark I’ll make up something so the players are in the dark too

2. Role playing is not improv acting

3. The metagame is an important part of the game

4. I will never put a monster in a dungeon if I don’t know where it gets its food

5. I strive to run games with serious themes, but it’s OK to laugh

6. I will never let a player make a character that doesn’t fit the campaign

7. I will never present the players (not the characters) with a false choice

8. The trap is always behind the door to the right

9. I will never introduce an NPC the players can’t kill. I do not love any NPC

10. The characters are the center of attention. I own the world and the players own the story

11. I will never let a character die/suffer/do something dumb bc of a misunderstanding on the part of the player

12. No Deus ex machina

13. The rules should never discourage creative and descriptive game play

14. All characters deserve some time in the spotlight

15. I will never make a character a cornerstone of a campaign

Game Mastering Credo

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