Gulgug the Chessmaster

Aermund’s chief strategist, a priest of The Old Man. Gulgug and his four brothers (who also serve as his retainers) The Tireless Rooks, are well known for their service to Aermund. Despite Aermund’s skill as a ruler, it is doubtful he would have retaken the islands half as quickly, especially Myststone and Fenwatch.

Gulgug’s strategies during the siege are known more as rumors than history, but it is little doubted that he used infiltrators and propaganda to divide the city once food got short, turning the populace against the Bears and forcing their hands. Whether or not he intended the scale of the riots that eventually wracked the city is questionable. Some argue that the riots so swiftly brought about the end of the siege, he wouldn’t be as brilliant as they claim if he didn’t plan them. Others argue that one so devoted to a lawful deity would never willfully use such great chaos to bring about victory.

After Aermund captured Shadewater there were no more immediate campaigns, and so Aermund put Gulgug in charge of maintaining order and overseeing the transition from the Bear’s footmen and mercenaries to troops provided by Aermund’s other, non-Spreyheath, vassals.

Gulgug and his brothers attend to the policing and defense of the city, leaving the administration to Azzak.

Gulgug the Chessmaster

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