The Sea Lions

Led by the (in)famous Doglick, Bel, and Shnag, the Sea Lions are a group of hobgoblin freemen (and members from other races recruited since). They had originally been shipslaves for the Scarred Lions. However, since the Scarred Lions needed only a fraction of their ships to return home, they were left with something of an excess of non-voluntary crewmembers. These were sold in Shadewater the Lions limped their way back south. Many of these were then sold onward to the south, but many were kept around due to their sailing skills (always valued in Shadewater).

Most of these were continued in their trade of sailing/shipwrightery/etc., and have since died of old age, but some remain. After having their freedom granted, the Sea Lions have been busy, recruiting broadly from all races, and quickly monetizing their skills. Their years of servitude have taught them the ins and outs of tradecraft and made them many valuable connections.

Their proponents compare them to rags to riches heroes, generous with opportunity for any other freemen willing to work hard, the finest example of what can be built with the freedom Aermund has bestowed. Their detractors describe them as union thugs, eager to get a cut of any action from the freedmen’s entrepreneurship, criminals, bootleggers and smugglers, murderers and thieves, and the very reason peasants should not aspire to the pursuits of nobler blood.

Doglick – the charismatic leader of the group. An enormous, elderly, whip scarred male hobgoblin.

Belt – the brains of the group. An elderly female hobgoblin, tall, thin, with piercing black eyes staring out from her fur covered face. A skilled organizer who worked as a bookkeeper in Norin’s Docks before being set free.

Shnag – what to say of Shnag, other than don’t cross him unless you plan on running and never looking back. The youngest by decades, Shnag was but a ship’s boy when the Scarred Lions fell. He is small, for a hobgoblin, but preternaturally quick, quick with a fist and even quicker with a blade. Despite this, he is very level headed, and only breaks your knees if he really believes you’re lying about your inability to pay.

The Sea Lions

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